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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've been lazy these past few weeks, doing a lot of prepping but not as much sewing.

I would have started something tonight before dinner since Rickard fetches the girls today but I have a few errands to run .

- fill up Sofia's asthma medicine prescription
- a box and postage for Rachel who is having her baby - right now actually
- swing by the flower store to get something nice for the kitchen table

After dinner though, I hope to get something started - I have prepared a wallet with credit card slots for myself and I would really like to see how it turns out. I need to cut some more interfacing first to make it sturdier. I'm thinking I should add some fusible fleece as well but I'm not sure.

I have some denim for pants for the girls - Isabel needs more pants - she keeps out growing the ones she has. I also got a piece of linen/viscose for a second Wren dress for Isabel. She loves the blue one I made her but I'm not too keen on the colour - I got her a nice raspberry pink for a second one.
I have some very fine linen I plan to use to embroider something on. I was going to give it to Rachel's baby but it's not even started so maybe I'll send it on later.
I also found a lovely piece of white border embroidery fabric (broderie anglaise?) for a dress for Sofia. Maybe I can squeeze out a dress for Isabel from it too.

For myself I have a bag planned - I can't decide if I should use the fat quarter pieces I have at home and make the outside from different fabrics or if I should go ahead and order a yard cut of the fabric I would like to use. Decisions.
I also have the Sophia bag to finish, but I'm not feeling the love for it anymore - I fear I messed it up a bit - we'll see.
I should get started on the Weekender Travel bag as well since the Timtex pieces for it are cut and are all in the way in my sewing room. I swear over them twice a day I think.

Finally I have some book keeping to get to for my online store - it's not a huge task but I should get it done so I don't have to fret over it in May when I have to hand in the taxes for it.
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