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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fluffy post!

It's no secret that Oliver + S is my favourite children's clothes designer.

When Liesl announced last year that she was writing a book with Little Things to Sew I was very excited. And as soon as it was possible I pre-ordered a copy.

Yesterday it peeked out of my mailbox as we came home from the stables, and both girls were very excited to have a look inside.

I managed to have Isabel put her horse-smelling clothes in the bathroom to be aired out and then I made coffee for me and we all sat down and had a look.

I think the girls requested one of everything, and I have already agreed to make Isabel a tutu. I want to make a messenger bag for me and the smaller version was so cute I think I'll make one each for the girls.

But, lately we've had quite a cold spell. It's been snowing all day today and it's -1C which translates to about -10C with wind chill. So tonight I'll put Sofia's coat on hold for a little while and see if I can't make the girls some mittens. I have some warm lilac and white wool and I still have a large piece of the strawberry fleece I used for Sofia's coat lining left.

I haven't looked at the pattern for the mittens, but I hope I might be able to make the girls a larger version and line the wool with the fleece.
The wool is too scratchy by itself, and the fleece is too thin.

I hope it's a quick project because I really want to get some progress on Sofia's coat.
I started out making just the button tabs last night. Then I thought I ought to try the buttonhole presser foot and see if I could make it work. Which it did.

Next I started assembling the right front panel which was done in a jiff.

By now Rickard had asked me to join him downstairs for coffee and a movie, so I said I'll just finish up the left front panel as well so I'm on an equal footing for when I start tomorrow (today).

But of course I had to try and organise the left over pattern pieces and really, sewing the back yoke to the back panel wasn't that big a deal?
And then a top stitch?

And why not the shoulder seams while I'm at it so I can hang the WIP from a coat hanger?

I had to force myself away or I would have done the side seams too.

After the we had finished watching some HIMYM-reruns I went upstairs again, but it was really too late to get anything done by then.

Tomorrow I have taken the day off since Isabel has her Sport's Holiday week and she and Sofia are sleeping at their grandparents' Thursday-Saturday. We're going to town to buy some nice cake and a present for their cousin who turns 5 on Thursday.
Then after lunch Isabel is due at the stables again for her last try-it-out session of the week. She was very happy about it yesterday when I picked her up. She had been allowed to ride a REAL horse! By herself!

I'm thinking regular riding lessons will not be too far off in her future.
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