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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dresses and evening plans


Isabel's dress is done. I finished it up last night while watching old Plunkett & MacLeane and two Eli Stone episodes (I have a celebrity crush on Jonny Lee Miller at the moment).

Isabel has still to try it on with sleeves, but she tried it before and it fit her perfectly.

Tonight, my R is away on business up north (which is pretty much anywhere in Sweden since we live in the far south) and planned to be home after the girls' bedtime.

We are having people over for dinner on Friday so I have to go to the store with the girls tonight to pick up the veggies. I didn't want to get those on Tuesday when we have company on Friday.

We're having tacos, and I have to put together a stew for Saturday when we're having the family over for dinner.
And I planned on serving meatballs for dinner tonight. Not an ideal choice since we'll be home a bit late, but ... I promised.

All the cooking will seriously impede my sewing time. My next project is a coat for Sofia. And I have a folding tote cut out that I should sew up first. But that's a quick project. I might have time for both ...
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