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Friday, February 18, 2011

change of plans - in a good way

I got a nice change of plans last night.

I had so much to do and I explained to the girls that they would have to shower and not bathe because I had so much to get done in the kitchen I didn't want them to be alone in the tub upstairs.

They both agreed and we set off home from the store with out groceries to get started.

But just as we had parked the car in the driveway Rickard came home. He had left the office early and was home almost 45 minutes earlier than expected.

So Isabel had a shower and Sofia got to have a bath. Both upstairs and I got on with the cooking.

Meatballs started in the Kitchen Aid, peanut butter chocolate fudge sauce on the hob, a load of whites in the wash and a batch of Nigella's Breakfast Bars in the oven.
Once the meatballs were fried I started a stew for Saturday.

When we sat down to eat an hour later it was the first time I had sat down since leaving the office.

After the girls were in bed I didn't have any energy left to go upstairs and sew. I was going to just watch an episode of Big Bang Theory, but I ended up re-watching Inception, parts of it anyway. By 10 pm I was wiped and went to bed instead.

Today I leave the office early (around 1 pm) to pick up the girls. Then we're getting everything ready for our company tonight.
I have to make pannacotta for dessert as it needs to set in the fridge for a couple of hours.
And we need to straighten up the house a bit. Stuff is lying all over.

Isabel asked to be allowed to wear her new dress tonight, but I asked her to wait until tomorrow when we have family over. She agreed.
She tried it on last night and she looked very pleased with it. She approved of the pocket in front and kept smoothing out any and all wrinkles. I caught a glimpse of her fingers and they were smeared with black crayon or marker. Luckily it was all dried and didn't leave any marks.

She declared it her most favourite dress in the world.
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