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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thoughts on Glee (2x07)

Ok, so I watch Glee. And I'm wondering where they plan to take this plot twist with the Neanderthal jock who suddenly out of the blue kisses Kurt.

I mean, how do they plan to resolve it? Because by all things Holy - I will strangle someone if they somehow end up together, or even if they just have Kurt feel attracted to the guy.

This guy has abused Kurt and to pair them up after that is just this typical plot where A meets B who is inexplicably rude and abusive and yet stalkery and sending off "I'm sort of attracted to you, but I can't come to terms with my sexual persuasion/lust for you so instead I will be rude and abusive and treat you like shit and hope you will understand anyway"-vibes towards A (you know like the three year old boy who pulls a girls' pigtails and everyone says "Aww, he likes you!" Way to go to indoctrinate your girl to interpret abuse=love) and then A can't help but be "intrigued" and "flattered" by this attention and so of course they fall for B.

Wait, that sounds like ... Twilight.


And in this week's episode they added death threats to the mix.

Oh, joy.

In other news - I quite liked this weeks' episode. Sue was deliciously vicious. Gwyneth actually worked (and was that her singing? I liked it. A bit nasal at times, but good) and I loved the mash up at the end of Umbrella and Singing in the Rain.
Oh and the Glee mini-mes? So adorable!
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