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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MovieThoughts: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So HP7.

I liked it and I wish I could somehow swing it to see it again but I doubt I'll get a chance in theaters.

Beware! Spoilers after the jump

I loved the additional scenes with Hermione and her parents and I loved how Ron was so much more BAMF (for lack of a better word).

Both Dan and Rupert have come such a long way from the awkward tweens/teens and are turning into very handsome men that I don't mind resting my eyes on - even though it makes me feel weird. Seeing as I technically (age wise) could be their mother.

Emma was so good, but I think they underplayed Hermione's anger when Ron returned.

Dobby. Oh, Dobby. Originally the Jar-Jar Binks of Potter-verse, how you have redeemed yourself. RIP Dobby, free-elf.

The naked kissing scene with Horcrux!Harry and Horcrux!Hermione was awesome - in fact I loved that whole scene. So scary. And Rupert played that so well.

I'm sad that the screenwriters and directors can't seem to make the Harry/Ginny romance believable. It's so well written in the books and I love the Ginny-character. But in the movies it's always so awkward between them (I recall especially her scenes in Half-blood Prince, feeding Harry mince pies and tying his shoe lace - awkward) when it wasn't in the books.
Not even a flashback for Harry about leaving Ginny behind. He thinks about her often enough in DH.
(Aside: And Ron and Lavender stealing Harry and Ginny's kiss in the common room! Gah!)

The dance scene in the tent was cute. I knew what they were trying to convey, but I didn't like the tension that was there at the beginning - it looked like Harry was contemplating making a move on Hermione now that Ron was gone when I think his motivation was ever only to cheer his best friend and surrogate sister up.
I liked how clear it was that Harry can make Hermione smile but it's not lasting if it's not Ron.

I'm also sad about the lack of Kreacher's Tale and the scene with Lupin at Grimmauld Place where Harry shouts at him for wanting to leave Tonks and the baby behind to help Harry.

The scene in Godric's Hollow was so scary, even though I knew Bathilda was Nagini.

And they had found the perfect actor for Luna's dad I think. Rhys Ifans is awesome.

Lots of LOVE for Neville BAMF Longbottom on the Hogwarts Express! Way to go Neville!

Oh and the animation with the Three Brothers. Flawless!

I was wondering when they'd cut the book. I knew Dobby ('sniffles*) would pass in the book so I guessed somewhere around the Shell Cottage chapter - but then I saw footage of the Gringott's dragon and got so confused.
I liked where they cut it. I wouldn't have thought of it but it is a good place to stop. Part 2 will be completely action packed.

And that brings me to my one concern. Pacing. Maybe it's because I just re-read the book but I felt sometimes it was just like they strung together scenes from the books that they knew the fans wanted to see but the connecting glue between them were lacking. I found myself recounting the scenes/chapters from the book to figure out what was to happen next.

Gah! So many impressions - I need to see it again.
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