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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sewing related

A few weeks ago I finished Isabel's Music Class Blouse and a Birthday Party Dress for Sofia and all I had left to do were the buttonholes.

Only, my machine would not cooperate. No matter what I tried I could not make it tick-tick-tick like it has to in order to make buttonholes. I guess I could make them manually, but I didn't want to mess up the garments cause they were really nice.

So they've just hung there on hangers in my sewing room. Blocking what little natural light I get in a north-east facing window in November in Sweden. (That is pretty much nothing between 9 am and midnight. And since the sun rises at 8:30 am .. well, you do the math.)

Anyway. Today I finally sucked it up and just put snaps in them. The dress will hold up nicely. The fabric was rather heavy and with the interfacing it will work out well. The blouse though, it might not fare as well. It's made from a fairly sheer seersucker and I worry Isabel will tear the fabric when she takes the blouse off.
I tried adding extra interfacing on the snaps, but I'm not sure how well it will work.

It's nice to be done though.

Tomorrow I hope to get started on the Christmas/holiday curtains I plan to make for our lunch nook and kitchen.
I have a Fruitcake by someone for Moda jelly roll that I'm pairing up with sheer brown linen and a red linen fabric with printed white stars. It will be so pretty (I hope).

And since I like to include at least one picture in a post ..

Here's my little swashbuckler Pirate girl showing off the foam sword she got last weekend.

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