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Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage collars and families

I went shopping with my grandmother yesterday. She turns 90 next year and doesn't walk very well but she does her own shopping every week if someone takes her to the store.

My parents are on vacation so I offered to take her.

When I was a girl and lived at home I visited her and my grandfather every day more or less and I do miss our chats so it was nice to sit down with her for a bit after we were back at her flat.

We came to talk about the red dress I'm planning for Isabel for Christmas and I mentioned an idea I had of making the collar on it detachable. I told her of my woes on what fabric to use for the collar - cotton broad cloth doesn't exactly work well with a satin dress.
She told me of an olive green dress she had made for her in the 40's that had a basted on lace collar and how she had held on to it even though the dress was long gone.

Look at this amazing lace collar from 1944
 my grandma gave me!!

It's from 1944, so definitely vintage and I think the lace has been sewn to a thin bias strip that was then basted onto a dress.She said she had held on to it and had been thinking about giving it to me for a while now.

It will be a perfect accent on a little girl's dress I hope. Her timing couldn't be better.

I loved hearing about how grandma had all her clothes made for her back then. Ready to wear was available but not in quantity and not where she lived in rural Skåne. It was easier to buy fabric you liked and go to the local seamstress to have it made for you.

Sadly all the dresses she spoke of yesterday are all gone. She said they had been thrown away or donated over the years.

Such a pity.


This is her in the 1940's.


And this is her and my grandfather on their wedding day. She was 21 when they married and he was 30. They had been married 61 years when he died in 2005.
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