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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Could I wear this to work?

Done and it fits, although slightly large. #corset

The corset is DONE! I finished the last grommet yesterday afternoon and laced it up.

It's slightly large. I can easily lace it completely closed in the back which gives me no margin for when I (hopefully) lose a bit more weight.
But I can easily pick this apart if I need to and use the hardware again.

I ended up not attaching a mock belt like I had intended. I couldn't find a nice buckle and I wanted to have it done.

The back. I get a few wrinkles around the waist. Not sure why. I can easily lace it a little tighter. So it's a bit large.

In this picture I get a few wrinkles at the waist and I think it's because I put the bunny ears (the part of the laces at the waist that you use to pull at to cinch it) too high up. I have since re-laced it and put the bunny ears one grommet pair lower.
I haven't tried it again after that.

I put in a really great modesty panel in the back but ended up having to cut it off because I had a brain fart when I attached it and it totally got in the way.
I haven't decided if I should make a floating panel (one you put in as you lace it up) or if I should just leave it as is. It's not like I'm going to wear it with nothing underneath.

So now the big question is. Could I wear this to work?
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