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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gone phishing ...

Well. I suppose there's a reason not to have your e-mail capable cell phone turned on right next to your bed and having it check for new e-mails regularly even during the night.

Just as I was about to doze off I heard the little chirp my phone makes when I have a new Gmail. It displayed a little badge on screen telling me it was from Paypal and that I needed to update my credit card information.

Normally that would turn on all sorts of warning bells but I have been having payment issues at Paypal lately and I clearly wasn't thinking straight at 12:37 am.

I clicked the link. (First mistake).

I entered my user name and password and clicked OK (Second mistake).

I got a screen with some entry fields where I was asked to enter my credit card information, my name and date of birth and as I was typing my address I guess I finally woke up and had a quick thought that I had made payments via Paypal in the nearest couple of days without a hitch and most likely the issues I had were due to the seller and not my Paypal account.

I stayed my hand and decided to go to my computer to have a proper look at the address I had just visited and entered my Paypal login.

Sure enough it was nothing like paypal.com.

So for 45 minutes last night I was awake and tried to figure out how to change my password and once I had that solved I needed to come up with a good new password. And also remember to write it down so I could remember it in the morning.

I also had to change the password on all those other sites where I used the same because I was too lazy to figure out a new one.

I feel a little sluggish today.
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