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Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to school


I totally forgot to post this picture of Isabel as she headed to school on her first day of 2nd grade. She's been back to school for almost a month now.

She was wearing the same ruffle dress I made her for last day of school before summer. It was pretty much the same weather - ie cold and overcast.

She chose to use the Messenger bag I made her for Christmas last year - or possibly even the year before.
She's shown no interest in it for months and months but now she's warmed up to it. It's a bit floppy but it works.

In Sweden all kids get a hot meal during the day and there is no need for a packed lunch. If you need to the kids can be dropped off early enough to have breakfast as well, but Isabel prefers to eat at home and we have been able to work our schedule around that.
They also get served a fairly substantial snack in the afternoon.

Oh, and did I mention that city-run school is free here? We pay for after-school care (breakfast and afternoon snack is served within that organisation), something like $125 a month. It's roughly what we pay for daycare for Sofia as well.
If we had been low-income that fee would be lower. We make enough to hit the roof fee.

Isabel had a great first day - although she didn't get the right amount of maths homework as she had hoped for.
I spent the afternoon having my nails and feet done and she asked if she could stay with me and watch. She's very interested in beauty, hair and make-up these days.
I said she could and she watched very attentively whilst chattering away with the manicurist.
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