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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sofia at 4

The latest in shoe wear - balloon socks

Sofia appears to be our more imaginative child. She also gets herself into more trouble than Isabel ever did.

- she likes to draw on herself with pens, preferably felt tip
- she cuts her own hair (and refuses to acknowledge me when I ask her about it)
- she will hide clothes she doesn't like to wear so that I won't find them and force them on her (this is a guess after she balled up the latest dress I made her and hid it in a box in the hall where we keep mittens and scarves)
- she will take dvd-sleeves up to her room and cut into them with scissors

Waiting for the boat

- she will bring a purse to town for all her essentials (i.e. lip gloss, nail polish, mirror, comb/brush, scissors, band aids)
- she will wear a Barbie tiara in public that her sister got in a Happy Meal
- she accessorises imaginatively (black satin ribbon around her ankle)
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