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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the Fence


One day in Rickard's last vacation week, he and his father built us a fence.

Our driveway is adjacent to a bike lane that leads into our communal back area and sometimes the kids coming from the playground cut across our driveway.

This isn't a problem, they do no harm but we plan to put down gravel of some kind there soon and we want to more clearly mark this as ours.

There are also plans to lay down asphalt on the bike lane and we wanted a clear boundary on anticipation of this.

We also have loose plans to build a car port some day and the plinths will then serve as foundations for that roof.


The ground where the plinths were going in were riddled with large stones and it was packed really hard so Rickard had his work cut out for him.

The girls loved to watch and hung out there quite a lot. At least until it started to rain.


Sofia enjoyed keeping an eye on the men at work.


And she did her best to help as well.


This is from day two. You can tell because all the plinths are in, and the edging stones too.
And it's raining.

The day before I took the girls to the grocery store in the afternoon and then we swung by and picked up grandma so we could all have dinner together. When we came back Rickard and his dad had finished work and been driven inside by the torrential rain. Rickard was soaked through. His right sock was dry on the heel otherwise he was wet through and through.

The next day they were better prepared for the weather and it only rained in the morning.


This is the result by early afternoon on day 2.


Here they are building the gate for the fence so we can exit near the house and not have to go all the way around.
Sofia decided to try out a saw as well. She did really good.


Next year she might help us fix up the attic for her and Isabel?
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