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Sunday, August 14, 2011

What took me so long?


I saw a bike like this online about two years ago and I managed to track down a dealer in Sweden who could import it for me at a decent price.
My old bike was ok but a bit uncomfortable for my back and neck.


When it finally arrived it was a bit too small for me - or rather it was too low and I couldn't stretch out my leg properly while biking to get the maximum cycle stroke. The bike stood in our shed until a few months ago when we tried to find a new pipe for the seat - not sure why it took so long.

A few weeks ago my FIL took pity on me - we had been to a bike shop and they shut me down and said it was impossible to find a pipe that was longer than the one I had.
He called shenanigans and contacted a proper hardware store that had a pipe cut and lathed for me.


I need to have the pipe finished some how - I'm thinking chrome - because it will rust.
The bike is a dream to ride now with the longer pipe. It has no gears so it's a bit tough to get into cruising speed but once there it just rolls along.

I have also checked back with the web shop that sold me the bike and found a gorgeous light, bell and maybe a bike rack.

Rickard cut up an old wire bike basket I had that didn't really match the bike and kept the "chassi" and instead attached a cane basket to it with ties.
The web shop have gorgeous baskets too, but I'm really keen on the bike rack. I have e-mailed them to make sure it will fit my bike too.
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