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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun fair

We've had a few weeks with unstable weather but on Wednesday this past week we got lucky.


I had planned to meet my Mom for lunch - and maybe even my Aunt who works in town - and then take the girls to Folkets Park (The People's Park - a park with a few big playgrounds, a mini-zoo and a fairground) for some rides and some play.


Both girls wanted to try out the harnessed trampoline but I only got really good pictures of Sofia using it.

The weather was great. A bit overcast but sunny and not too warm. We went for lunch, the Aunt could only come in for a quick Hello - she was in the middle of a very hectic start-up process for the next theatre production she is involved in.

Then we walked back to the Park and bought some tokens for the rides.


Isabel has never been big on rides and she made sure to choose the smallest, slowest rides she could, without a lot of spinning or speed.
Sofia appears to be a bit braver when it comes to rides, but she followed Isabel's lead and rode with her big sister.


We ended the day with an ice cream from Ben & Jerry's - well, Sofia preferred a doughnut. They both got to pull a string and win a stuffed animal.
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