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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation days

Oh dear, it's been a while since I put something up here.

I've been on vacation for almost 2 weeks now and the days just blend into one another.

I have 3 more weeks off after this one is done. One of them together with Rickard and the final two alone with the girls.


So far we've been cherry picking at the grandparents' place. Made it into jam and cordial.


I've made strawberry freezer jam. I hope it will last us as long as last year's batch has (there is still some left from last year)


I sewed up a dress for Sofia. I hope she'll wear it on Saturday when we have company over.


I also made a dress for Isabel. It was supposed to be her birthday present but I couldn't wait.

Tomorrow is Isabel's birthday and she'll be going to the pool with Sofia, Daddy and Grandpa. I'll be at home making pies and maybe a dress for her if I can squeeze it in. I had intended to make it for her birthday but decided to sew her something else that she had asked for but we hadn't discussed in detail before - so I hope it will be a nice surprise for her.

More on that tomorrow.
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