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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fish update


We bought fish last year. Two fan tail goldfish that the girls named Ubbe and Tess.

A few weeks ago they started behaving weird. They were digging up the plant we had in their tank and then they swam over it, splashing their tails so the water splashed on the wall behind the tank.

As a temporary counter measure we took the plant out of the tank and put it in a bowl next to it.

One day as I was feeding Ubbe and Tess I took a closer look at the bowl and saw little creatures swimming around.


Turns out the splashy behaviour was some kind of mating activity and they had spawned without us noticing.

The bowl held the plant and maybe 30 little fishes, not even half an inch long.

We moved them to a big vase we found in the attic and gave them new water.

Since then a few of them have died, but the ones who has made it have really grown and are starting to show the first signs of fantails.

At least that's what it looks like - it could be just fish poop.
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