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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Put a bird on it


After five weeks off Rickard went back to work yesterday. The girls and I are home together two more weeks before my vacation time is up.

We decided to do some crafts so in the morning we went to town to get some white tees. Not an easy task I tell you. Most stores prefer to sell tees with their logo on them, but at H&M we found what we were looking for.


The girls each got three tees to embellish.


I helped them get paint on the stamps evenly then they did the stamping themselves.

I prefer crafts that are easy to wash up and clear away so we mixed the paints on paper plates left over from Sofia's party. All the brushes were old and worn so I threw them all out after we were done.


The results were varied. I was given permission to print one tee for each girl and I made an artsy-fartsy owl on a branch with balloons (cause you know - owls need them to fly, right?) for Isabel but when I tried a "Roman Holiday" theme for Sofia (the crown and the Vespa) she out ruled me and requested skulls as well. So it's more of a "Roman Pirate Holiday" I guess.

I do regret now not getting more tees (they were very inexpensive) to try some transfers on. I got some transfer paper for my printer that I'm dying to try out. Maybe I'll give it a go on some ribbon I have to make labels.

Ah well, we need something to do next week.
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