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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Skip in the Hopscotch.


I made Sofia a new skirt a few days ago.

One night a few weeks ago she woke up early in the evening before I had gone to bed and she was a bit agitated. So to calm her and cool her down (her room faces south and gets really warm in summer) I took her to my sewing room and she had a look through the pile of pattern descriptions I have.

She likes to look at the paper dolls.

So together we decided I would make her a skirt and a dress.

I have made this once before for Isabel. I used cord that time, which is not an ideal fabric for this pattern.
The quilting cotton from Moda was perfect though. It's designed by Oliver + S and called Modern Workshop.
I think the scale is perfect for little girl's clothes.


She was very happy with it and even got to help pick out the buttons for it. Although I admit I did prod her in a certain direction and she ended up picking the same ones I would have.
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