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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picture background

A while ago I read a photo tip on one of my favourite sewing and fabric blogs that in order to get pretty pictures you could use a piece of MDF board painted in a cool, kitschy colour as a background.


It gives the pictures a uniform look and I think even though the background in my case is a pretty loud colour it calms the picture when you don't have to look at a cluttered background.

It's also possible to move the board around in search of the best lighting. Something I could benefit from 50 % of the year.

We picked up a board cut to size at the hardware store last week and I picked out three colours I liked and had them mixed. I only bout 1/2 litres so it was fairly inexpensive.


This particular colour is one I have in mind to use for our kitchen so it served a dual purpose. The leftovers will be used to paint some samples on our walls to see if it will work.
This particular shade of yellow/green matches my green Kitchen Aid mixer perfectly - what? You have to pick inspiration from somewhere! ;-)


I decided to paint the other side of the board in a complementary colour - figuring if one side didn't work with the garment I put on it the other side would.
For the other side I took inspiration from Pantone's colour of the year - Honeysuckle.

So far it's working out very well.

I do have one regret, I should have made the board slightly smaller since it is a bit awkward to move around. I took it upstairs thinking I could house it in my sewing room, but I think it needs to find a home downstairs as the lighting is usually better there.

I need to work on my light finding skills. Even though I love these pictures - I do realise they could have utilised the light better.

So the search goes on.
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