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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New clothes - not Mommy-made

Yesterday when I came to daycare to pick Sofia up one of the teachers who work in one of the other homerooms asked me if I was interested in some clothes she had weeded out of her daughter's closet. They were all in the 140-160 size range and she knew of none other than my Isabel who might fit in them.

Turns out she lives just down the street from us so she came by after work to drop off 6 or 7 (I can't remember) bags of clothes for Isabel to try.

She was in heaven. We divided the clothes into piles. Keep, Maybe keep, Donate, Future Sofia-clothes.
Not everything was age-appropriate and I had to tell her No on a few occasions. Some designs were just meant for an older girl. After all, she is only 7.
The piles grew and when we had to stop for dinner we had two bags left and a huge pile for Isabel to take up to her room and put away.


This morning she put on a wrap skirt and a pretty shirt with a green ruffle and butterflies and she was happy as a clam.
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