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Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend plans

We're going into another hiking weekend. The girls will be out most of Saturday morning so I plan to get some sewing done.
If nothing else I need to organize my sewing room better because I feel like I can't move in there.

I have a few things planned I want to try out. Like another skirt similar to this


I also have patterns I want to trace and sew.

Malmö is also host to this year's Eurovision Song Contest (ESC2013) and there have been loads of activities in town all week. The big finale is on Saturday and I couldn't be more uninterested. I suppose I'll end up in front of the telly reading Twitter. I have a few Swedes and some people from the UK on my feed who are very much into it. It's always entertaining to read their opinions.

The girls haven't shown much interest in it all but if they wanted to I would let them stay up a while I suppose.

Personally I'm a lot more excited about the Doctor Who finale which is also on Saturday.

Sunday Sofia has her last swim class and then in the evening there is a dance recital - well, more of a regular class with parents invited to watch.
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