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Friday, March 22, 2013

New decor

#after #makeover Actually not IKEA.

For some reason we have a house filled with furniture from IKEA. It wasn't a conscious choice, it just sort of happened that way.

The only piece of furniture we own that isn't IKEA is our dining room table which we bought when we moved into our big flat in town in '98.

When we moved into our house we used it for a dining room table for a while before we did a huge switch in 2009 and put our kitchen table into storage and started using the dining table for every day meals.

We needed new chairs and ended up buying a set of 4 at a flea market. They have served us well, but they were old and scuffed and one was broken after it fell over. Rickard mended it but  it didn't look as nice any more.

So when I found a new black rug online in February I decided to get us some new chairs as well.

So on Wednesday with snow dumping all over me I went and got a new set of four chairs at a furniture store in town. Actually *not* IKEA this time.
I love how bright they are and I think they go well with our birch table even if that isn't painted white.

The rug was larger than I had thought - it's so hard imagining it just using the measurements I think - but it fit well anyway.
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