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Thursday, October 25, 2012


I was awakened by Sofia yesterday morning when she came in to our bedroom crying that her tummy hurt.

A visit to the loo later and it was clear she had to stay home. Rickard drove off to the office with the intent to be back by lunch so I could get to the office and get stuff done.

Sofia and I snuggled on the sofa for a bit then had a light breakfast. There were no more incidents and by 10 am she was very perky again.

I plonked her in a bath to clean off any germs that might linger, plus a bath is always nice.

My sewing room is just across the hall from our bathroom and when I open the door I can see the tub from my computer desk which made it easy for me to get a little bit of sewing in.

Made a star while Sofia bathed. #quitenormal

I saw this star on Missouri Star's video tutorials a week ago and was dying to try it with a charm pack I had.
After snow balling it (putting the little right triangles on each corner) I was left with enough to make the little bonus pinwheel as well.

I like how it turned out. I think I will be making a few more of these soon.

After bedtime last night I also spent a moment in the sewing room and got this block pieced.

Feather Quilt by @annamariahorner. First attempt. Love the look of it.

Anna Maria Horner designed the block and has a gorgeous feather quilt on her site. I really want to make a whole quilt with these feathers but it will have to wait.
I have so many things in progress I need to finish a few off before starting something new.
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