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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Art - take two!

Our new kitchen art by @isaform. So pretty and perfect there.

The second print I bought at Isa Form is this kitchen print.

The website showed it in landscape format but we don't have a wall wide enough for that in our kitchen.
She was very sweet and accommodating and offered to turn the print for me at no cost.

I got another Ribba frame from IKEA for this one and I was worried it would be too large, but it does fit here.
The door handle will hit the frame when you open the door, but I have some little transparent glue dots to put on the frame to reduce the impact.

I think I'll pick up one of the colours and repaint the walls in the kitchen. The wall by the hob is in need of a touch up anyway.

Now to go with green or blue?
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