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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pics or it didn't happen!

Well, that last post was a word vomit if I've ever seen one. I'll add a few pictures here.

Starbucks opened its first Swedish location at Malmö Central Station this spring (I think). There is a Starbucks in Stockholm but on the other side of the ARN Security Checkpoint so it's not really accessible to anyone without a boarding pass.

I went there once in March with Rickard but didn't really like the premises. It's stark and the sound is weird.

I have however reconsidered since the food is good. If a bit (a lot) pricey.

The girls both wanted cake but we forced them to have a sandwich - it was breakfast after all.

The movie didn't generate much in the way of pictures but the new Adventure Miniature Golf course at Folkets Park (Peopele's Park) got a few.
There has been a generic, standardised golf course there for years but then they got a Ben & Jerry franchise to open up there and they gave the course a face lift.

It's all green astro turf and cool concrete obstacles that are all connected to the city. The one up there with the eyes are from the old chocolate company Mazetti. It's become something of a graphic icon that logo.

Sofia lost interest after a little while and I have never been very good at miniature golf, but I ended up winning with 2 points.

Rickard came in second and Isabel third.

This rose sculpture is a combined sculpture and splash pad. The water wasn't running on Saturday so the girls climbed on it for a while before we went home. The stem of the sculpture is really long and I couldn't get it all in one shot.

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