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Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, we survived the storm. The brunt of it went north of us and people are power less and my boss's new house (as in still being built) has a flooded garage that contained flat packs with his new bathroom furniture.

He was less than thrilled.

I sewed a little purse last night. It sounds really pretentious, but it was a kit I got at u-handbag.com and it was super easy.

Second purse ever

The colours are a bit off - it is November after all and I took this last night.

It fits my phone snuggly - I don't think I'll use it for that. It will be perfect for keys and credit cards, or for hygiene products. We'll see what it ends up like.

I got three more frames from Lisa at u-handbag.com and I have also ordered a bit more interfacing so as soon as that arrives I'll be able to make two more purses/clutches and one proper bag.

Not sure if one or more will end up as a Christmas gift. We'll see. Mum has been making comments about wanting something by way of a bag for a while - but no pressure.

I'm off in a bit to pick the girls up and figure out what to make for dinner. All our quick solutions were used up this weekend (potato hash and pancakes - not together) so I'll have to figure something else out.

We might end up with yoghurt and sandwiches ...
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