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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent weekend

We had a lovely day yesterday in the woods with Isabel's hiking group. It was the last meet-up before the holidays and parents and siblings were invited.

When Friday drew to a close with rainy skies and fog I was not looking forward to going to the woods, but Saturday dawned with clear skies and an almost balmy breeze with 10 C. Completely unheard of for late November.

The group's leader instructed the parents to saw up a fallen tree they had their eyes on to make up a fourth side around their hearth/fireplace. So we were all put to work pretty quickly.

We were lucky all day. There was no rain and the sun was out but you could tell it is late in the year since there was not much warmth in the sunshine and the breeze got chilly as soon as the sun disappeared behind a cloud.

We made a fire and grilled some sausages. I brought dough to make stick bread and it was all delicious. As food tends to be when you work for it and spend time outside making it.

By 2 pm we called it quits. The kids had beaten us at tug o'war. They were very strong but I think if the rope hadn't been tied to a tree trunk parents would have given them a good run for their money.

By the time we came home we all smelled of wood fire and it was nice to step into the shower to wash it off.

I ended up in bed for a while reading a book and the girls both trotted off to play by themselves.

Sunday we woke up to dark headlines in the news warning us about the coming storm and by now it's very windy. I realise it's nothing like the tornado warnings in the US, but it's bad not far from here.

We have had warnings of winds up to 30 m/s (58 knots - not sure what the preferred unit is) so this morning we called off swim classes and Rickard and Sofia spent some time outside securing stuff - among other things they brought the grill into the shed - along with 4 bikes, a complete set of winter tires for the car, a lawn mower and a work bench and there is still room left over - Yes Rickard played oodles of Tetris as a kid. He's the packing wizard.

I'm going to turn of the computer because we have seen a few lightnings in the clouds from all the wind.
The aeroplanes have altered their approach for both Malmö and Copenhagen Airports and are flying very low above us. They do that when it's stormy.

First light of Advent

See you all on the other side of this storm (it's supposed to taper off by 1 am so it should be alright by morning).
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