I have moved

You can mostly find me here these days instead. I'll do cross-posting for a while longer though.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas stress

I started quilting a table runner last night. With a bit of planning I should be able to finish it tonight. I have the binding sewn up already so as soon as the quilting is done I'm good to go.
I plan to machine bind it so I can hang the matching winter curtains as well.

I'm also starting to panic slightly at the thought of Christmas. We're celebrating at our house this year so there is a lot to do and I just realised I need to start on the girls dresses if they are to be done before Christmas.

I have an Apple Picking dress planned for Sofia and either an Apple picking or Jump Rope dress for Isabel. I got some gorgeous Heather Bailey Pop Garden to make them up in.

I need to start a to-do list so nothing gets left behind.
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