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Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend travels and knitting plans

We went to visit Ran's sister this weekend. She had a birthday last Sunday and a baby three weeks ago (tomorrow) and we were all eager to see them all.

Isabel was thrilled all week that we were going to visit her cousin and his baby sister and their two dogs.
In all honesty I think she was more eager to see the dogs than the cousins.

We took off early in the morning and arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

The little baby cousin was a teeny tiny little girl with soft, fuzzy hair and big blue eyes.

I told Isabel to go stock up on baby cuddles because we're not having any more in our house if I get a say about it.
She'd pet and kiss the baby's head for a while then she'd more or less ignor the baby the rest of the weekend and focus on her other cousin and their dogs.

I got some crafting done in the car on our way up. I hemmed a dishcloth and finished a sock for Ran and started a sock for Isabel. I finished the heel before we arrived.
Later Saturday night I finished the sock and Sunday morning I finished the heel of the second sock and finished it in the car just as night fell and I couldn't see any more without a light in the car.

I'm going to Knit Night tonight and I'm gonna start a pair of socks for Sofia.

It was a rather prickly yarn so they won't be able to wear them without socks underneath.
I think I'll ask the LYS-lady for a soft strong sock yarn that I can make cuddly socks from.

I'm also toying with the idea to knit and felt indoor shoes for guests to keep by the door.
We have re-organized our hallway and a nice ratten basket with felted shoes would feel really welcoming.
I'm just not sure I can make that many shoes without crying my eyes out with boredom.

I have a few sewing projects planned for Christmas gifts. I think I should finish those first before I start a project like that.
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