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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


When ever September rolls around I get this urge to bake and cook and do preserves and all that domestic stuff my mom and grandma used to do in the fall.
So this weekend I made pear and almond patisseries and a Swedish Key Lime pie.

Now the problem is that my waistline does not actually benefit from all those cakes. So last night at Knit Night I brought the pie with me. It was a huge hit.
It was really easy to make and I will probably stash condensed milk in the pantry because all the other ingredients are stuff I usually have lying around.
It's a quick bake, but it does have to cool to be nice to eat. Downside.

At Knit Night I started on my new cardigan. It's in mohair so when I realised I hadn't started with three rows of garter stitch like I was supposed to, I decided on NOT unraveling it but rather go with it and leave it in stockinette.

Craftwise I have pencil rolls going for Isabel and a friend's girl, and I have a cover for a paperback novel that I'm still mind-designing that I'm planning on giving to my mother for Christmas.
A bread basket is in the works too.
Gonna serge and pre-was fabrics this weekend.
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