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Monday, January 14, 2013


Way back in the 80's when my grandmother passed away I inherited her engagement and  wedding bands as well as her mother's wedding band. The oldest ring was very thin and worn and we took all three rings to a gold smith to have them altered into one ring.

Not a wedding or engagement ring

It felt weird to wear such a thing as a teenager and I kept taking it off and putting it in random places and my father kept asking me if I knew where it was to make sure I didn't lose it. (To be honest it happened a few times that I did lose it - but always at home so it was more a question of misplacing it.)
After a couple of years I decided to just get used to it and start wearing it after all.

We also built on it and added an amethyst to it (my birthstone) and later a diamond as well.

After Isabel was born I added a ruby which is her birthstone.

For the past few years though it has been too small and I ended up putting it in a bowl in the kitchen window and there it's been until this weekend.

I took the ring, a ring and pearl pendant, a gold chain and a little heart pendant I got for my christening to a gold smith in town and we had a nice discussion and design session where he drew up a sketch for one ring using all my gold.

I had plans to make two equal valued rings that I could wear now and that I could pass on to my girls, but we talked about that and came to the conclusion that it's better to make one thing of it that I really like and will wear and when the time comes to pass it on we'll melt it down and make two things for the girls that they really like then.

I hope I made the right decision.

I called him this morning and asked him to get started on it after talking money with Rickard.

I also left my own wedding and engagement rings with him to have them altered so I can wear them again. I go to pick them up in two weeks and he will have the ring prepared so I can try the new one on then. So excited!
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