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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Into darkness

No I'm not going to talk about the coming Star Trek movie .. although I'm ridiculously excited about it (Benedict Cumberbatch, people!)

I was thinking more about the darkness we are moving into at this time of year.
Once the lights of Christmas and New Year have been packed away it gets dark here. Like, silly dark.

Sunrise some time before 9 am if we're lucky, and sunset just shy of 3:30 pm. The days are getting longer, but only by minutes.

It will be February, late February, before you notice any significant difference.


One good thing about this time of year is:
One good thing about this time of year. Candlelit breakfast.
It is possible to have breakfast with two funny, silly, wonderful girls at candle light.
At least if you're me.

If you're not me you can't have breakfast with these particular girls (Unless you're their father. Or here visiting?) but maybe you have one or two of your own or maybe even some of the xy-configuration, you can have breakfast with?

The options are almost endless.

Either way, it really does make up for some of the compact darkness.


Just remember to put the candles out before leaving for work - N.B!! Important! (My Dad was a fire fighter. It rubs off!)
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