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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas dresses

I've been sewing dresses for the girls for Christmas. I have worried and agonised over them for days and weeks but now they are finally done.

Of course I have a few tweaks left on them (when don't I ever?) but they are both wearable.

Isabel's Christmas dress is cut #noturningback #sofarsogood

Isabel's dress is made from thick party satin in a Christmas red with red satin lining and a transparent gold taffeta sash.
She says she likes it which is rare these days.

Baby cord and batiste for Sofia's dress

Sofia is getting a cerise dress in baby cord with a white batiste lining in the bodice and some acetate lining in the skirt to stop it from catching on girly stockings.
She also got a small white trim on the neckline and a wide, chunky lace around her waist. (That is the main focus of my tweaking. It didn't turn out exactly as I had planned.)
Sofia was very happy with her dress too and asked to wear it right away.

I have been guarding them like a hawk so I won't have to wash them before the holidays.
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