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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long weekend ahead ...

... after an even longer week.

Rickard left on a business trip on Monday afternoon and is due to return on Friday night.

The class he teaches should end at 3 pm but then he has packing to do and it's a 4.5 hour drive home. Plus I suppose he'll have to stop for some dinner.

The girls miss him as do I but we manage.

Saturday is hike day for both girls. Sofia's only away for 90 minutes but Isabel's away from 9:30 am until 4 pm.
This weekend though, we'll have to fetch Isabel in the woods because my grannie's invited us for dinner at 4 pm and Isabel has to shower before she's fit to see people other than us after a day of hiking.
They usually have a camp fire going and grill some hot dogs so she smells of wood smoke.

Sunday is a regular Sunday with swim classes in the morning.

Monday is Walpurgis Night and I have a short day at the office. Most of my co-workers are taking the day off but I have quite a lot to do. I hope to get it done from home though.
Since it's a semi-holiday Isabel is off school and we decided she'd be home from after-school care as well.
I asked my parents to mind the girls and they gladly said yes. They'll take the girls to the bonfire on Monday night and on Tuesday they'll bring them to the park to join in the May Day demonstrations and festivities. Then we'll all meet up in town for dinner out.

Rickard and I are going to the movies on Tuesday. We're seeing Avengers. I am very excited.
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