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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Party time!


Isabel turned 7 years old in July but since everyone is on holiday during summer we decided to postpone her party until later and today was the big day. 10 girls were invited but only 7 showed up. I had asked their parents to call if they were not coming but we had had no calls so I was a bit surprised. That part is always so annoying.


Anyway. I ordered flowers from the local florist and picked them up this morning. They are roses and some alstroemerias. I have no idea what the big green leaves are called but I think it turned out quite nice.


The girls got individual cupcakes to decorate. I had already coated them with whipped cream and I gave them prepped piping bags with tinted whipped cream and lots of different kinds of sprinkles and nonpareils.


After they had eaten we played spin the bottle so they had some activity while handing over the presents. Then some of them wanted to go play outside which I let them but it turned out to be quite a mistake as they ran off and pranked some of our mutual neighbours.


We ended it with some Musical Statues and then they got their party favours which were brown paper bags with candy that I dressed up with some baker's twine and home made labels. I had put them up on the wall and it looked rather cute I think.
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