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Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of Fall

September 1st - seriously?

I can't believe summer is over already. Theoretically at least. We have a chance of a few nice weeks still before the Autumn gloom sets in.

I've got mail!!

I received a parcel in the post yesterday from a friend in the States. I posted a few pictures from our crawfish/crayfish party and she offered to send me some Louisiana style (or was it Texas) crawfish boil.

I think we'll have to use it on shrimp since I doubt our dill boiled crawfish would mesh well with the flavours from the South.

My friend mailed me and asked if she could get me something else as there was room over in the envelope and I mentioned, sprinkles, spices .. I couldn't really come up with much when put on the spot.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when that envelope contained this:


My friend suggested trying the Gumbo mix first and I think that's what we'll do. Rickard was interested in the cornbread and chilli mix so I think we'll do that one next and I'm making up a batch of chocolate chip cookies with some of the chocolate exchanged for some butterscotch chips.

Now to take a stroll through our store with new glasses on to see what I can find to send back. This is going to be fun!

Thank you Johanna!

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