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Thursday, May 12, 2011

KCWC Day 3

I went to the fabric store during my lunch hour yesterday to get buttons for Sofia's coat.

Came home and Rickard had dinner ready and then my parents came for coffee.

When I brought the coat up to my sewing room I was sure I had the buttons in the pocket of the coat but after finishing the hem I searched for them and they were gone.

I had taken them downstairs to show my mom and Sofia had picked the white buttons (I bought brown too but she didn't like them) but I couldn't find them anywhere.

So instead I mucked around on my computer and then went downstairs to have coffee with Rickard.

Just as I was going to bed I had a final look in the sewing room and found the buttons in the trash bin.

They must have fallen out of the coat when I turned it upside down to hem it.

Thus endeth my KCWC day 3 without much to show for it.
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