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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I finished my first ever quilt yesterday


Well that wasn't exactly true. I made one for my big girl in 2004 but I made that not really knowing anything about quilting. It's made from blocks of fabrics peiced together, but it's not quilted and it's made with the birthing method because I hate bias binding. Or binding of any kind.

But then I googled something and found creative little daisy and saw a few quilts she had made. Via her I found other blogs and realised there are loads of sewing blogs out there - not just food and knitting.

I blog jumped and found a whole host of blogs and flickr groups with quilters and seamstresses. It made me want to try it myself.

So I googled some more and found tutorials for basing, quilting and binding quilts.

I bought fabric and got started.


Originally I planned to make a windmill type design. I like the look of it and the geometry of it appeals to me.
I quickly decided against it when I recalled the difficulties I had with Isabel's quilt.
So I sketched and designed and then this design was the one I decided on.


I had bought a jelly roll from Fat Quarter Shop with only white fabric.
I know a waste of money, but oh so time saving.

I bought 6 FQs of Me and My Sister Design's Spring Fling from a local quilt shop and cut it up in 5"x5" squares
I sewed the squares to the jelly roll strips, cut them and sewed strips of 5 squares together then attached that to another strip. Repeat as needed. Easy peasy.

I added a white strip on top because the proportions were all off.


The backing is also from the same fabric series.

For batting I used a thin cotton batting because Sofia will be using the quilt at preschool for naptime and it doesn't have to be very warm.

I sort of quilted it, but I can't find a presser foot for my machine that I can free motion quilt with so I had to improvise. It turned out ok I guess.

I managed to get the binding done. It's not perfect but it's good enough for a first attempt. Maybe next time I'll get it even better.

My next quilt will be for Isabel. And then I'm planning on making one for my SIL who is having a baby in September. They don't know the sex of the baby so I can't get started just yet.
But I plan on making a basic quilt and maybe a bib and a burp cloth too - it will be a bit more unorthodox though. No batting for the quilt but a thick cotton blanket fabric instead. I'm doing the binding anyway though.
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