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Friday, August 8, 2008

[FO] Needle roll for me


I've been needing a needle roll for my straight needles for a while now. I've planned on making one but other things always got in the way.

I had decided on the outer fabric but the inner fabric was still missing and I wasn't sure how to divide it.

Then at last, last week I managed to get my butt into gear and actually do it. I found a pretty, pink fabric in my stash with white dots on it, that I was probably planning on using for a dress or something for one of the girls but it matched the outer fabric so well I had to use it.


The outer fabric is a fat quarter of an Alexander Henry print I bought from a friend in the UK.
I only had to trim the edges, otherwise it fit perfectly for this project.

I added some padding to the outer fabric and quilted around some of the larger features in the print.
Then I just started to make dividing seams for the needles.

I have a quilter's ruler for my machine that attaches behind the presser foot and it made the whole process a lot easier.

I made a few 1,5 inch slots, some more 1 inch slots and finally some half inch slots. Then I grew bored and decided I didn't need any more slots for needles.
So I fashioned some pockets for stitch markers and other notions before I sewed the inside to the outside using the birthing method.
It's my prefered method because it doesn't involve binding.

I'm getting better at binding though so maybe I'll try that next time.


It looks quite neat all rolled up!
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