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Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting started

Going to the hardware store tomorrow morning since we'll only have one child in tow (DD1 is at the inlaws).

Getting supplies to make a cutting table for my new crafts room. And also to get some storage system units to put up on the wall.
I'm planning on getting the Elfa kind like what they have at The Container Store.

I plan on storing all my fabrics and yarns in the cabinets underneath the work bench and all notions and supplies on shelves above.
The bench is going to sit on locking wheels so I can pull it away from the wall when I'm using it and push it up against the wall when I need the floor space.

One of the cabinets will house the serger if I can fit it. It might be too deep.

There is light fixtures attached to two of the cabinets. At least there used to be, and I plan to keep them attached. It could look nice to use them for mood lighting when I'm not crafting.

I also need a better ceiling light than the one I have. This one casts too many shadows.
I'm thinking flourecent light, but I hesitate. They're usually ugly. Maybe some spotlights affixed to the shelves on the wall.

I'm really excited about this. I'll have to do before and after shots of the room!
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