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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crafts room

My husband and I used to share a "playroom". We both had our computers there and I had room to put up my sewing machine.

Then I bought a serger and suddenly it all got a bit crowded and awkward.

So he decided we should clear out the closet right next to the playroom and house his computer and the fileserver in there and we could rename the playroom to the crafts room.

I now have the ironing board put up against one of the walls and the sewing machine and my computer up against the other wall. Which leaves plenty of room to "create".

While we cleared out the closet I took one or two turns up to the attic to put stuff into storage. There I found four old cabinets we had in the kitchen in our flat.
You know how sometimes you see stuff and other times you see them?

Well on one of the turns up there I realised they would be perfect to store fabric in. And they were almost tall enough to turn into a work bench.
So we're currently in the process of designing it to make it high enough and sturdy enough to cut fabric and keep the serger on.
I plan on occupying one of the shelves with the serger for easy access when I need it.

We'll top the cabinets with a pine board and I'll stretch some fabric across it for a splash of beauty and cover the whole thing with an acrylic sheet.

I think it will be perfect.
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