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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New studio


Now that the attic is done (more or less) I have turned my attention to Isabel’s old room which is being turned into a studio for me. I say studio because it’s easier than “my new sewing room”, and also because it sounds less home spun.

When we moved in to this house we picked a dark turquoise for Isabel’s walls and I put up some cute ballerina wallies. They will all have to go now. It was time either way – Isabel had started mentioning that she wanted them gone even before we began the attic conversion. I was just sad to see them go. She was still in diapers when we moved in here. My wee girlie.

But I digress. I took down all the ballerinas yesterday and tonight I’ll go over and patch all the holes in the walls and window sills. I plan to get all the prep work done this week so I can start painting this weekend.


The plan is to paint three of the walls a bright white with a very slight pinkish tint and the fourth wall (the one with the door) will be a pale dusty pink. I also picked a different texture for the pink wall. Alcro has a brand they call Pashmina which has a very matt finish. I hope it will be a nice background for photographs as well.


The wall behind the door will be white and I plan to cover it somehow with flannel or fleece so I can use it as a design wall. The door will come off and put into storage. If I need to close off the studio I’ll have to make some kind of drape for the door instead. Both girls are so big now that there is no need to shut the door to keep them out any more.

Initially I planned to put the computer in one of the wardrobes but I may need the space for my stash and shop stock – I hope to do a personal destash when I move in though so there is still hope.

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