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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is it the weekend yet?

This has been a weird week - and it's only half over.

R flew to Stockholm early Monday morning and I took the girls to school and daycare like I usually do.
Monday nights Is plays the recorder and S has dance class in town. Normally Is goes home after her class and is home alone for about half an hour before R gets home. I arrive with S another 15 minutes or so later.

This Monday Is had to be home alone for a while longer since R was away.

I drove to town and parked the car in the check-in parking garage and we went to the dance studio. Sometimes I take a walk around the city blocks but this day I chose to sit outside the studio and read my book. Once S was done she changed and we headed back to the car and I started looking for my wallet so I could take out the credit card and pay the parking fee so we could get out.

I think you can tell where this is going.

The wallet was of course left at home and I had no ID, no cash and no cash/credit card.

I'm usually so good about making sure I have everything with me as I leave the house but I had taken the wallet out of my bag over the weekend and forgotten to put it back and when we left on Monday morning I was so focused on the girls not forgetting anything vital.

In the end I asked the father of S's dance friends who had parked next to us to help me out. He paid our fee (it was only $3) and I have to (HAVE TO) remember to bring cash on Monday so I can pay him back.

Tuesday I picked up Is from school and went over the evening plans with her, Pick S up from daycare, drive to the grocery store to buy dinner, go home, home work, shower, dinner, tv, bed.
Then we drove to the grocery store and was half way into the parking lot when I realised we had forgotten the first item on the list, pick S up from daycare!

So we had to swing back and fetch her.

Good thing we hadn't already started shopping.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful by comparison and I hope it continues that way. R will be home late on Friday night.

Is it Friday yet?
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