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Monday, February 4, 2013


I was home alone with two 5 year-olds and was about to start making lunch for us. Rickard and Isabel were on their way home after swimming and Rickard had asked for pasta and bacon and onions.

I decided to fancy it up with some sliced carrots. So I took out the mandolin and started slicing. I have nicked my thumb on it on several occasions and I know it's crazy sharp so I was paying attention. No, I really was!

Then Isabel came home and I turned to ask her how swimming was and got to the end of a carrot and slipped and sliced off a dime sized piece of my right fore finger knuckle.

Carrot slicing mandolin vs finger: 1 - 0. #ouch #ihadjustpinnedatonofsewing #nosewingforawhile #weep

I had just finished pinning a bunch of sewing and I had some grading left to do on Isabel's cargo trousers so losing the function of my right fore finger was kind of awkward and to tell the truth a bit unnecessary.

The mandolin is so sharp it made a clean cut and it actually doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I also have more flexibility in the finger than I thought I would so it's really not so bad.

The biggest issue is that my bandage gets stuck in the wound so it starts to bleed every time I change the dressing. It's also really hard to keep up with personal hygiene.  (No worries, I said it's hard - not impossible.) Yesterday I had to clamp my right hand on the shower curtain rod to prevent myself from putting it in the water.

Let me tell you, washing my hair with just my left hand was not easy.
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