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Monday, May 14, 2012

That's how the cookie crumbles ...

Rhubarb pie

I love crumbles! Rickard is a lot less thrilled about it. But a rhubarb crumble is an absolute must at least once a year. Even more so if the garden has a patch of the lovely pink stems that are only mine (ok ours).

Our rhubarb patch isn't big yet so I had to save the stems in the fridge for about a week before there was enough to make this pie.

I never use a recipe for a crumble. It's more of the stand back and throw method for me.

I cut up the stems then transferred the pieces back to the bag where I had saved them and put in two spoons of potato starch and a large helping of sugar.
Then I shook the bag to mix it all before I dunked it all in the pie tin.

I chopped up a bag of almonds - skin and all - at first I tried doing that by hand but ended up using my excellent mixer instead.
I wanted a few large pieces as well so I didn't run the mixer for too long.

Then the almonds were mixed with some whole wheat flour (we call it graham flour) and some light muscavado sugar.
Some liquid shortening mixed in and finally it had a coarse sandy texture. Some butter would have worked well too.

I spread the crumble on top of the rhubarbs and sprinkled some white chocolate chips on top.

35-40 minutes in the oven at 200 C (400 F).

Served it with some home shaken vanilla sauce/custard made from powder and milk - I know, I know, but we had nothing else at home.
I did try it with some vanilla sour milk and that was lovely too but I suppose harder to come by if you're not living in sour milk country. Yoghurt's just not the same.

We ate it all - not a crumble left.

The rest of the rhubarbs will have to grow bigger and then I'll make rhubarb soup/gravy for Rickard. He loves it warm with vanilla ice cream.
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