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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sewing day

Last year Rickard and I gave each other alone time for Christmas. One Saturday every other month we're free to do what ever we want for a day without having to mind the kids.

Today was my day and I took the opportunity to get a hair cut and then go back home and sew.

I had cut out some pattern pieces this week so I could just sit down and sew.


I made this bag from some left-over, gorgeous Lantern Bloom fabric I bought for a quilt. I used the Phoebe bag pattern by Artsy-Crafty Babe.

I've not had a lot of experience making bags. I made a Multi-tasker tote by Anna-Maria Horner but that was about it.
But the Phoebe bag was very easy to put together. The directions were easy to follow and I made the bag from start to finish (not counting cutting time) in about 2,5 hours.

I didn't have a magnetic snap so I used a closure I bought for a cardigan I'm knitting for Sofia. I'll have to get another on Monday cause her cardi needs two.

I made some other stuff too but I'll have to wait posting about that cause it's a secret.

I have more Lantern Bloom remnants and I plan on making another Multi-tasker tote but I haven't cut out the pieces yet. I started cutting the exterior when I cut for the Phoebe bag but I never finished the job, and now it's really too late to be cutting fabric. I'll only mess it up.


This is Isabel's doll quilt, finished. I have one more for Sofia to quilt but I haven't gotten to that yet. I think I'm gonna tie that one instead.


Here's a close-up I took of Isabel's quilt while trying out the manual focus function on our camera.
I just discovered it - we've had the camera for 4 years. Yes I've run it on Automatic basically since. I'm challenged when it comes to photography.

The evening ended with delicious bulgur and kefta for a late dinner while watching Brüno. Yeah, not the best combo. That movie was disgusting at times. Mostly in regards to other people's behaviour - not necessarily Brüno's.
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