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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Isabel's Milk&Lingonberry cardi

No pictures yet, but Isabel's cardigan is coming along nicely. I tried it on her this morning and I think I just have 2 or 4 more rounds to go before I can set thearm stitches on hold and knit the skirt part.

I wanted to make a different lace pattern on Isabel's cardigan, but I think I'll use the same as for Sofia's.
I might change my mind if I can come up with some nice cables or an easy lace pattern before it's time to start the skirt.

The yarns she chose work so well together. I most definitely would not have chosen those so I'm glad she came along to pick the colours herself.

She looked very pleased this morning when we tried it on for size.

I wish I had something picture-ish to show you but instead I hope you can hold out for another week or so until I can show you the logo I worked on this weekend for The Project.

I'll see if I have enough light this afternoon to take a picture of my progress.
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