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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad blogger

I have been a very bad blogger lately.

Starting a new job and the (almost) complete loss of natural daylight hasn't made me very productive in the taking-pictures-department.

I'm still knitting away though.

I made a pair of felted mittens for me that I then gave to my mother when I figured out a colour combination I liked better for me.

I've finished the hat for Sofia to match her socks, but I ended up running out of yarn at the coffee place I was knitting at so I finished it too early. I'll have to rip it out some and knit another inch, plus I'll do the decreases differently because they were too bulky.

I finished Isabel's back pack, it's even lined!

I started a yummy shawl for me, but the yarn is so thin it's taking a while, plus I keep making mistakes that I have to fix so it's a slow project.

What isn't a slow project is the "Just Enough Ruffles"-scarf I started yesterday. I'm almost halfdone with the short row shaping - I think I'll finish those tonight and then I have the ruffle to make - 600 sts for 4 rows. Ouch!

I also started knitting a pair of wristwarmers from Interweave Felt but I got bored with those.

I made two red felted hearts to put up on the wall with spruce sprigs in them for Christmas.
One heart is felted and one isn't. I have to finish the strap for the grey heart I made so I can felt them all at once.

So you see - I am a productive knitter - but a bad blogger.
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