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Monday, February 3, 2014

Studio – moving in


Rickard and I went to IKEA on Saturday morning to get the two dressers I had had my eye on since I started planning my new studio. This Saturday was the first weekend after pay day for many in Sweden so we expected a jam packed IKEA but were happily proven wrong. We arrived just after 10 am when they opened and left with two dressers (black – not white like I had initially planned) and a bunch of knick-knacks that I needed for the studio.


I got two orchids and some lacy, pink pots for them. I’m not normally much for frills and lace for myself so I was surprised when I picked them out but decided to go with it.

The dressers took ages to put together – not because it was hard, it was just so many parts and they were huge! I made some progress on the Saturday but with movie plans and dinner at my in-law’s I didn’t start until late in the evening and out of consideration for the neighbours I decided to quit at 10:30 pm.

Sunday I took Sofia to a party and Isabel to IKEA to get some legs for the desk for the machines. When we came back Rickard took pity on me and helped me assemble the rest of the first dresser and all of the second.


It looks so very clean and de-cluttered now – but that is only because all the clutter is in my old sewing room and still needs to be moved. I plan to do some destash so I don’t just move a bunch of stuff I don’t really need/want/use. And I have huge stacks of paper that needs to be filed away. So I still have a long way to go, but at least I can sew a little now.

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